The actual skin is various from skin lesions. They always appear in the form of bumps, or patches and other types of issues may cause them. Different scholars have different views about skin lesions. Some scholars and experts believe as an abnormality of the protuberance, bump, and ulcer, sore, and even colored section of the skin.


There are different types of skin lesions. Primary skin lesions are a major type of it. It has further subtypes as well.

What are the three types of skin lesions?

There are some types of primary skin lesions. They are following as;

  • Blisters: A tiny blood blister is also known as vesicles.

  • Macule: Freckles, spots and flat moles are the instances of macules.

  • Nodules: This type of skin lesion is known as solid, hard, and raised.

  • Papule: It is a type in which skin lesion is raised, and its growth is developed by other papules.

What is the appearance of skin lesions?

They may not be the same as other sections of the skin. However, they have some different spheres on the skin. They may appear in the form of spots. Bumps, and sometimes they are in the forms of sores as well. It may change the color of your skin from brown and from brown to pink. It may also differ from person to person. Because different people have different skin and their sensitivity is also different. Some people may face rashes and rough skin problems as well.

Can skin lesions go away or not?

Yes, you need not worry about skin lesions. There are a lot of ways to get rid of it. Even there are some of the skin lesions which may disappear after a few days or weeks. They may include cold sores and blood blister. However, there are some long term skin lesions as well. They need special treatment. Apart from this, there are skin lesions that may cause cancer; nonetheless, doctors can treat them fully. They are named as eczema and psoriasis.

How can you get rid of skin lesions?

There are a lot of ways to deal with skin lesions. Some people try their best to get rid of it at home. When they fail to do so they may consult a skin specialist. Afterward, skin specialists would refer them to do many things. After all, they would entirely get rid of skin lesions in the following techniques and methods;

  • Entire elimination or removal which is also known as erasure surgery
  • Half-done elimination or removal which is also termed as trim surgery or cell surgery
  • Ointments and creams are for those who fear a lot. They are the people who really never want to have any removal or surgery. So in this way, they try to adopt easier ways to get rid
  • Temperature cure is the way to remove skin lesions by giving heat to specific areas of the skin. In the language of medicine, we call it electrocautery.
  • Icing or cryotherapy is an easy way to deal with it at home by using ice or freezing.
  • There is another way to remove skin lesions through radiations which are known as laser treatment.
  • Last but not least way to get rid of skin lesions is light treatment or photodynamic therapy.

How a skin lesion can be removed?

You need not try it at your home. Better you see your doctor. Your doctor would artistically remove it by using some instruments for instance blade. He would merely remove the upper layer of the skin. So you need to worry again. Because these do not need any stitches after skin lesion is removed. Finally, your doctor would use some medicine to stop bleeding in the area of your skin. Afterward, you need to take much care of your skin. And that’s all.

Why do you have skin lesions?

There may be different reasons for having  Nevertheless, the most common reason could be the infection inside your skin or sometimes on your skin. Those who are skin sensitive should take much care of their skin. Moles and blotches are genetic. There are some birthmarks people call it lesions. They appear during your birth time. However, there are some other lessons as well. They may appear due to some allergy, or allergic reaction.

Can stress cause skin lesions?

People do not take the stress so seriously. Stress can cause many diseases.For instance, stress can intensify eczema. Besides, it could also lead towards hives and many other types of rashes on the skin and it would also trigger up disease of swellings. As a result, your stress would lead you toward worse skin lesions. Better you keep yourself away from stress.

Do you need to see a doctor bout a skin lesion?

Yes of course in some cases you really need to see a doctor. You should be very conscious about some of the points which I am giving you. If there is a mole on your skin and it is changing its shape, size, color or it starts bleeding then you need to see your doctor. If you do not do s earlier then afterward you may face some worse problems.

Do you think skin lesions are bad?

Yes, I do think about it. Some skin lesion makes your skin so rough, pale, and rigid and changes its color. However, I do not want skin lesions to ruin my face or skin or facial figure. So I believe s are very bad to appear on your skin. There are different ways that one should get rid of it. When the color of your skin is changing from pink to brown or from brown to pink then do not you think so it is bad?

What are primary and secondary lesions?

There are primary and secondary and  Primary  often appear directly on your skin. This is the result of some diseases that you have had previously. While on the other hand secondary skin lesion is the cause of ulcers etc.

 Instances of primary lesions?

  • A direct result of the disease like vesicles, bullae, pustules, and wheals

Instances of secondary lesions?

  • It is due to ulcers, scars, and keloids


In the end, I would say that skin lesion is the representation of primary care. It is easier to diagnose it to see its history or to examine it in the clinic. Furthermore, its cure hardly takes two weeks. So going through different treatments better you take as much care as you can.

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